Tres Palmas

Exterior picture of Tres Palmas
Tres Palmas

Tres Palmas

 269 Loma Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90026



Tres Palmas is located in the Pico Union community, just
west of downtown Los Angeles. Several Metro
Transportation Authority (MTA) bus and rail lines are
conveniently located within about 1 mile of Tres Palmas.
In the same area there are 8 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, and 5 high schools. Among the highest-performing is NEW’s own NEW Academy of Science and Art (NASA) charter school for grades K-5.

Property Features

  • 19 multi-family residential apartment units over 34,684 square feet
  • 16 three-bedroom units
  • 3 four-bedroom units
  • Open play area and community space
  • A 24-hour security guard monitors residential
    entrance & underground parking garage; parking
    garage is protected with a key-controlled security
  • NEW’s Afterschool Learning Center for grades 6-12