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A socially invested property management company dedicated to the socioeconomic advancement of women and their families. Specializing in affordable housing, schools, and commercial real estate

Welcome To NEW Capital

  • NEW Capital, LLC began operations in 1998. The property management company was formed by the nonprofit, NEW Economics for Women, to address a gaping hole in the industry’s response to hardships faced by families living in affordable and low-income housing developments.

    NEW Capital, LLC was created to provide a different kind of high-touch property management service. 100% of NEW Capital's profits are reinvested back into the social equity programs and services provided by NEW Economics for Women. Through this partnership and our unique asset building services, NEW Capital helps to increase tenants’ financial stability and decrease property owners’ risk and revenue loss due to vacancies. After almost 20 years, we remain true to that mission today.

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Casa Loma Courtyard

Our Recent Projects

  • NEW Capital, LLC currently manages several large and complex developments, and also works with the city of Los Angeles, Los Angeles Housing Department, the Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles, and other non-profits.

La Villa Mariposa
Denis P. Zine Community Center
La Posada

Our Leadership

All of NEW Capital’s founding members formerly held positions within NEW Economics for Women. Their uniting mission to help low-income families grow out of poverty drives the company’s social mission, while their proven business savvy ensures the organization's continual growth.

Bea Stotzer


Bea is an accomplished businesswoman, social entrepreneur, visionary leader, and pioneer in the economic development/asset building field. As the CEO of New Capital LLC, she manages multi-million dollar portfolios of affordable housing, business, and economic development. She is a passionate leader who combines her business acumen with her commitment to creating communities that allow underserved Latino families to thrive.

Esmeralda Rivera

Director of Property Management and Compliance

Esmeralda efficiently and effectively manages property compliance as the Compliance Manager.  She brings strong customer service skills to her daily interactions with agencies and clients alike. With over ten years of experience, she handles all compliance documents, files, and legal matters daily. She is a certified TCAC Analyst, Compliance Analyst, Section 8 Analyst, and a Yardi Property Management System expert. She goes above and beyond to help families understand the complexities and responsibilities of their tenancies.

Carlos Simoes

Operations Manager

Carlos Simoes oversees operations at all properties in New Capital’s portfolio, including seven city properties. He is detailed oriented and constantly working to find better solutions for the company. As a business entrepreneur from Venezuela, he ensures that customer satisfaction is met and work is completed in a timely manner. Carlos is a champion of teamwork and team building. He takes great pride in his employees and in the buildings he runs.